Laying Sod In Your Backyard


Sod installation in your garden is a job that you may find yourself having to do in order to maintain the appearance of your home. Additionally, if you have recently acquired a new property then you may want to install new sod to improve the value of the home. The installation process can take some time but it is an easy job and you'll save some money by completing the job yourself. If possible, ask a friend to help as it will drastically cut down the work time.

Prep your space and get the materials

Before beginning this job there are some materials you'll need. First and foremost is enough sod to cover your specific space, as well as enough compost to lay down under the sod. This will give the soil added nutrients, which will increase the lifespan of your grass and make it look healthy. Additionally, it is recommended that you have a wheelbarrow, a shovel and a utility knife to complete this job with ease.

If there is old or dying sod currently in your garden then you'll need to remove it first before installing the new sod. You can do this simply with the use of your shovel. Once the old sod is removed then you'll need to aerate the soil first before laying down the compost. You can do this with the assistance of several tools which can be found at your local hardware store. A common and easy tool to use is a rolling lawn aerator. 

Once the surface is aerated then you can lay down your compost about an inch thick over the entire space. Use your shovel to spread it evenly and make sure there are no spots that are too high or too low. You want a nice even surface to put the sod over. 

Install the sod

Once your surface is properly prepped then it's time to start laying the sod. You'll notice that sod typically comes in rolls so load up your wheelbarrow and start in the far corner. Roll out one piece at a time, working in rows from the far end of your yard to the near end. 

Be sure to press together connecting pieces of sod so that the seams are tight. It's important to avoid having all of the seams in a line so be sure to stagger the joints in order to create a strong fabric over your yard. If you come across any poles or round edges then simply use your utility knife to cut away the excess sod.

When all of the sod is set be sure to water sufficiently for the first week to encourage growth. Click here for more information


4 February 2016

Keeping My Workers Safe

A few months ago, I realized my farm wasn't as safe as it could be. We had outdated equipment, and sometimes it would jam--putting my workers at risk. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me about a great place that sold better equipment, so I could update things. I invested part of my yearly profits into a few new pieces of equipment, and it was amazing to see the difference it made. My employees were able to harvest food faster without putting themselves at risk. Check out this blog to learn more about how to improve your farm.