Giving Your Yard Country Landscaping On A Budget


If you like the idea of giving your yard a country-themed landscaping, then you want to get creative and think outside of the box. With a little bit of creativity and some budget shopping, you can have a yard that looks like it is situated in the rural country, even if you happen to live right in the middle of a city residential block. Here are a few ideas that will help you to get started on your country yard:

Go with a natural wood for your porch and banister

When you are trying to give your yard a country look, you want to try to stick with a natural wood porch and banisters. If you do decide that you really want to paint them, then you should make sure you then go with white. If you put fencing around the property, you should also choose wood.

Go with a wood walkway

For the walkway leading up to the porch, you may want to stick with wood instead of opting for concrete. Concrete walkways tend to be more of a city thing, while wood ones tend to be more popular for the rural country homes. If you do go with concrete, then you may want to opt for purposely misshapen, large stepping stones instead of a full sidewalk-style walkway.

Decorate with bird feeders and wind chimes

When you think of a house set in the country, you may automatically imagine bird feeders and wind chimes. This is because many country homes have these things, since the home owners tend to spend a lot of time in their yard and usually like to enjoy things like bird-watching and hearing the relaxing sounds of the chimes dancing in the wind.

Go with nice wooden patio furniture

You can put a nice wooden rocking chair or a wooden bench on your porch where you can spend your free time enjoying the outdoors when the weather is nice. Not only will this furniture be useful, but it will also help you achieve the look you want.

Buy some used farm equipment to decorate the yard with

You can purchase some used farm equipment to decorate with and get a real country feel in the yard. The size of the equipment you go with will depend on the size of your yard. You can purchase a large piece of equipment to display in the yard, or you can go with several smaller pieces that you can kind of scatter around to bring the whole look together.

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13 October 2017

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