5 Interesting Facts About Cedar


Cedarwood is a popular choice for fencing, decking, and other outdoor uses. Beyond that fact, how much do you really know about cedar? Here are five interesting facts that may benefit you as you shop for cedar wood or begin using it in your projects.

1. Cedar repels bugs naturally.

Wood bees and carpenter ants are a real nuisance when you have outdoor wood items. Cedar helps defend you from these pests. It contains oils that the bugs find highly repulsive. Years ago, people used to store their linens in cedar chests because the cedar repelled moths. It similarly repels termites, ants, bees, and other outdoor pests.

2. Cedar does not need to be stained.

There are people who stain their cedar items, but if you prefer a very low-maintenance approach, you'll be pleased to know that staining is not necessary with cedar. It will weather naturally, starting off a deeper color and slowly transforming into a beachy gray. This color is not for everyone, but many people do find it beautiful and attractive.

3. There are a few types of cedar.

Cedar is not a single type of wood, but rather a collection of closely related tree species. The most common are eastern red cedar and western red cedar. Western red cedar is most commonly used in outdoor construction. The trees are huge, and the wood is straight and resistant to rot. Eastern red cedar trees are smaller. The wood is lighter in color and slightly less durable.

4. Cedar has a potent odor.

Cedar has an odor that you may have smelled before if you ever used cedar bedding for a pet or cedar balls to repel moths. Many find the odor appealing, but a few people are allergic to it. If you are planning to use cedar in an upcoming project, spend some time around it first and make sure the odor does not bother you.

5. Cedar is easy to shape and work with.

If you plan on building a deck or fence yourself, cedar is a good choice. The wood is pretty easy to work with as it does not split easily and has a very straight grain. This is also a benefit if you ever need to make repairs to your fence, deck, or other cedar structure. 

Now that you know a bit more about cedar, you will truly appreciate this wood's beauty and versatility whenever you use it. For more information, contact a company like Liese  Lumber Co Inc.


4 July 2018

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