Four Things To Be Aware Of When You Buy A Poly Pipe Trailer For The First Time


If you're looking to purchase a poly pipe trailer for the first time, you need to first look at what your requirements are. There are many possibilities on the market, and you don't want to end up with a trailer that is too large for your application or too small. The following are a few important specifications to look at.

Do you need a horizontal or vertical trailer

For heavier coils, you may want a vertical style trailer, but you need to pay attention to the overall height. This can easily exceed the height of your truck, so you will need to look at the routes the truck will be pulling the trailer to make sure there is clearance for any bridges the truck and trailer will be traveling under. Horizontal trailers are often better for smaller coil loads, especially the smaller coils that can be dispensed manually.

Heavier loads mean larger trailers

You need to look at the specifications for the load capacity of the trailer. If your poly pipe is light enough, you can probably use a single axle trailer, but if you are transporting a large amount of pipe, you will need a heavy-duty trailer that has a double axle.

Pay attention to pipe capacities

Larger trailers can handle larger loads, but you will want to make sure that your trailer can handle enough poly pipe for a single job. It will cost more in time and labor if an employee needs to leave the job site to get a second load of poly pipe.

How will you load and dispense the coil

This can be a determining factor in the specific model you are looking for. Large coil loads will require heavy-duty loaders to attach the coil to the trailer. When dispensing the coil, you may need a tamer. This machine straightens and rounds the poly pipe as it comes off the reel. This makes it easier to lay down the pipe in a uniform manner for a high-quality job. You need to look at the tamer's capability. The important specification is the diameter of the poly pipe it can handle.

There are many models of poly pipe trailers that can be found online. Most companies have standard models that are ready for delivery. However, it is common to not find exactly what you want. Companies that build these trailers are often able to modify an existing model. But it is important that you write down all of the specifications for your poly pipe before you contact a trailer company. They will be better able to assist you with this information.

Look for poly pipe trailers online to learn more.


4 December 2019

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