Reasons to Use Cedar in Your Landscaping Project


Whether you are putting in a fence, building a shade structure, or lining a garden bed, cedar may be the optimum choice. This durable wood is the perfect solution for most landscaping projects.

1. Rot Resistant

Cedar naturally resists rot, which means water and moisture exposure are not going to cause the wood to fall apart. Most wood fibers swell and begin to break down in moist conditions, but not cedar. This is one of the reasons why it is often used in areas where contact with the moist ground is likely, such as in fence boards or bed edging. 

2. No Chemical Leaching

The alternative to cedar in landscape applications is pressure-treated wood or railroad ties. Both are injected with chemicals to prevent rot, and in some cases, these chemicals can be toxic. If you are concerned about toxin leaching into the soil, such as is the case if you are using the lumber to edge in a vegetable garden, then cedar is the better choice. You won't have to worry about any toxic leaching since the components that make cedar rot-resistant won't pose a risk in the soil.

3. Pest-Free

Pests are another major damaging agent of wood landscape timbers. Termites and carpenter ants, in particular, are a concern as they can move on from the timbers in the landscape to attacking homes and outbuildings. The same components that are naturally present in cedar to make it rot resistant also repel most insect pests. It's very rare for any type of insect to invade the cedar timbers, which prolongs their useful life and protects other wooden structures on your property.

4. Low Maintenance

If low maintenance is high on your list, then cedar delivers. Cedar ages beautifully, both in color and structural integrity, even if you never bother to seal it. The wood isn't prone to splintering or drying out because it has a high natural resin content. If you do opt to stain or seal the wood, it will last even longer.

5. Increased Stability

Over time some landscape timbers will begin to swell or warp. The fibers in cedar run in such a way that warping is rarely an issue. Even if the boards do swell temporarily, they will dry out flat and stable. The high resin content also reduces shrinkage in cedar, which means fresh sawn wood can be used without the worry of gaps forming as it shrinks.

Contact a cedar timber supplier like Liese  Lumber Co Inc if you are interested in using cedar for your project.


2 July 2021

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