The Pros And Cons Of Laser Land Grading


Advances in agricultural technology have massively changed the game when it comes to efficiency and crop yield. The laser land grading machine is a great example of these kinds of advancements. Laser land graders or levelers use a laser beam to guide a drag bucket attached to a tractor or backhoe. The laser ensures that the bucket grades the land to the correct degree for optimal water use. If you're considering purchasing a laser land grader for your operation, here are a few of the pros and cons to consider.  


Water Distribution

One of the greatest advantages of using laser land grading is the overall improvement of water usage and distribution in the crop field. Wasting large amounts of water is a farmer's worst nightmare. After all, water is neither free nor cheap when running a farm. By creating a level field with a degree of accuracy only achievable through laser leveling, water is able to reach every area of the field with very little runoff and waste. In fact, studies have shown that laser land levelers can save as much as 25% of otherwise wasted water.

Increased Yield

With better water distribution comes other advantages. When crops are able to receive consistent watering, they thrive. The increased consistency not only includes the improved consistency in the frequency of water received, it also improves the amount so that water is evenly distributed amongst all crops. This kind of consistency creates happy plants that thrive. Studies have shown that laser land leveling can increase the yield of both rice and wheat crops by 8%.

Energy Efficiency

Another major advantage of laser land grading is increased energy efficiency. When water is more evenly distributed and less effort and energy have to be expended on irrigation, it saves electricity. It doesn't just save a little bit, though; hundreds of kilowatt-hours can be saved every year.  



Of course, the biggest disadvantage of laser leveling equipment is the upfront cost of purchasing the machines and that can run several thousands of dollars. However, rather than purchasing any machinery up front, many smaller-scale operations choose to rent a laser land grader from a co-op and that can offset some of the expense.

Soil Erosion

Another disadvantage of a laser land grader is the potential loss of rich topsoil removed through the grading process. If not done correctly, this soil alteration can result in the loss of important soil characteristics that are vital for plant health like organic materials, chemicals like nitrogen, and other biological properties.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for laser grading equipment near you.


22 October 2021

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