Want To Start A Cattle Farm? Equipment You Need To Get Started


If you are planning to start a cattle farm and already have the land, there are a few more steps you need to take. The first thing you should do is create a business plan and purchase the necessary permits, insurance, etc. Once this is done, you need to purchase the equipment you need. Having the right equipment purchased before you purchase your cows will make things much easier for you. Keep reading to learn more so you can get your cattle farm up and running quickly.


One thing you should have is a tractor to allow you to haul hay and feed for the cows. When choosing a tractor, consider the size you need, which will depend on how large your farm is and how many cows you want. Purchase one that is large enough to haul the amount of feed and hay that you need so you won't have to make several trips. 

When it comes to buying a tractor, consider how much horsepower you need it to have. To help make a list of what you plan to do with the tractor and show this to the salesperson. They can then help you choose one with the right amount of horsepower for your needs. You also must take into consideration your skills when it comes to operating a tractor. 


If you plan to harvest the hay and crops for your cows, you will need to purchase a baler. You use this to cut the hay and compact it into bales. You can then easily transport the haybales to a barn or wherever you need them. This makes things much easier when you need hay for your cattle. 

There are a wide variety of balers available in different sizes for you to purchase. Speak with a salesperson and they can help you choose the right one for your cow farm. 

Feed and Water Troughs

You also need to purchase feed and water troughs for your cows.  They come in different shapes so determine the shape that will work best for the framework you have. Purchase a few feed and water troughs if you have a lot of cattle. 

Water troughs come in different materials, such as metal, concrete, fiberglass, and plastic. Metal troughs are durable and will not crack. The joints may bend, however, over time. Concrete is durable but they are very heavy and hard to move. Fiberglass troughs are lightweight, but they are much easier to crack. Plastic water troughs are durable and if you purchase plastic that has UV resistance, they will hold up longer. 

For more information about buying cattle equipment for your ranch, contact a local store, such as Ackermans online.


21 January 2022

Keeping My Workers Safe

A few months ago, I realized my farm wasn't as safe as it could be. We had outdated equipment, and sometimes it would jam--putting my workers at risk. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me about a great place that sold better equipment, so I could update things. I invested part of my yearly profits into a few new pieces of equipment, and it was amazing to see the difference it made. My employees were able to harvest food faster without putting themselves at risk. Check out this blog to learn more about how to improve your farm.