Storing Product Until It Is Needed In Your Retail Store


Operating a retail store often means holding enough stock to fill the store and having more available as back stock to fill in as you sell items and keep the store full while you wait for the next delivery. Retail product storage can be handled in several ways but needs to be well organized so you can find things easily, as well as inventory your stock, keep your stock in good condition, and be able to find it when it is needed.

Back Room Organization

One of the most important parts of retail product storage is the organization of the product that does not fit on the shelves. When you have additional products that you want to hold in back stock, stacking boxes up in the back room can become very disorganized, and finding the items you are looking for can be difficult. Several shelving units in the storage space will allow you to open cases and put the stock on the shelves so you can quickly see what you have. Using shelves will enable you to more easily inventory the stock and reorder items before the retail shelves are empty. You will also be able to keep your store well-stocked for the customers shopping there. 

Shelving Solutions

There are many different retail product storage solutions available for your stock room and companies that will install them for you when you buy them. A heavy-duty shelf system is a great starting point but look for one that allows you to move the shelf heights to adjust for the kinds of products on them. You also need to make sure the shelves fit in the space and allow access to the top easily. In a larger storage space, you may have a forklift or other machine, but in a small retail store, you may need to use a stock ladder that you move around so you need to set up the shelves so the lighter items are on top and heavier items stay on the lower shelf, so they are easier to manage. Some modular storage racks will hold smaller items in bins and are configurable to allow you to create a system in your storage space that is best suited to the way you order and stock materials. You may want to consider working with a retail product storage professional to design a system that makes your storage area or stock room well organized and easy to use.

Inventory Time

Each shelf or bin needs to be labeled so that you can tell what belongs there if the rack is empty. When it is time to inventory your retail product storage area or back room, it will be more efficient if everything is labeled and well laid out so you know what you have and what you do not have. The way you label the shelf is up to you, but glancing at a slot and knowing that it is an item that you sell a lot and you have no back stock for allows you to reorder the item quickly.  

For more information on retail product storage, contact a storage supplier. 


12 April 2022

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