Three Ways To Use A Tractor At A Small Orchard


If you own a small orchard, you might take pride in diligently working in this space throughout the growing season. Over time, you may feel that you want to work more efficiently, which means that it's time to look for help. Help can come in the form of a small tractor. You'll find that you're able to use it in more than one way virtually every day, helping you to complete a variety of jobs faster and with less physical effort. Visit a tractor dealer in your area to shop for the right tractor for your small orchard.

Here are some ways that you'll be able to use this tractor. 


Without a tractor, you may harvest your crops with a wheelbarrow or some baskets. For example, you can walk among your fruit trees, pick your crops by hand, and then place them in your wheelbarrow or basket. This is a process that can take a long time, even in a small orchard. Having a tractor will immensely speed up the harvesting process. You can buy a small trailer to tow behind the tractor that you can fill with fruit. If you have helpers on the farm, you can slowly drive the tractor while your helpers pick fruit and place it in the trailer.


In order to keep your orchard's trees safe from pests, you'll need to occasionally spray them. If you've been spraying the trees by hand, you might be surprised at how much you can speed up this task with a tractor that pulls a sprayer trailer. These trailers come in many sizes but contain the chemicals that you'll use on your trees. While you drive the tractor and pull the sprayer trailer, a helper can hold the sprayer wand that is connected to the trailer with a hose and apply the spray to the trees.


It's important to regularly prune the fruit trees in your orchard to ensure that they grow tidily and produce as much fruit as possible. A tractor will make your pruning work easier, especially when you tow a flatbed trailer behind it. Instead of using a ladder to reach the trees, you may be able to stand on the trailer and reach where you need to prune. When you cut branches off the trees, you can pile them on the trailer and pull them away, rather than having to collect them by hand or with a wheelbarrow.

Visit a local tractor dealer to look into tractors for sale to find one for your small orchard.


1 September 2022

Keeping My Workers Safe

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