The Pros And Cons Of Laser Land Grading


Advances in agricultural technology have massively changed the game when it comes to efficiency and crop yield. The laser land grading machine is a great example of these kinds of advancements. Laser land graders or levelers use a laser beam to guide a drag bucket attached to a tractor or backhoe. The laser ensures that the bucket grades the land to the correct degree for optimal water use. If you're considering purchasing a laser land grader for your operation, here are a few of the pros and cons to consider.

22 October 2021

Reasons to Use Cedar in Your Landscaping Project


Whether you are putting in a fence, building a shade structure, or lining a garden bed, cedar may be the optimum choice. This durable wood is the perfect solution for most landscaping projects. 1. Rot Resistant Cedar naturally resists rot, which means water and moisture exposure are not going to cause the wood to fall apart. Most wood fibers swell and begin to break down in moist conditions, but not cedar.

2 July 2021

The Advantages Of Connecting Your Farm To A Reliable Tractor Service


You rely on your tractors to work properly each day. When one of them goes down, you could lose an entire day's productivity and profit. Rather than risk the health and safety of your livestock and crops, you can use parts and repair services to keep your tractors in motion. You can partner your farm with a reliable tractor service to make the needed repairs and upgrades to these important vehicles.

4 December 2020

4 Important Considerations When Buying A Tractor


When you purchase a tractor for your farm or business operation, you want to make sure that you know which tractor is the right one for your operation. Several factors will impact what type of tractor will be the best for your particular operation. #1: Acreage You Will Work First, you need to consider the type of acreage that you will work. If you need a tractor for a couple acres, you only need a small, personal-sized tractor.

17 August 2020

5 Step Guide To Spring Oil Changes And Maintenance To Get Your Tractor Ready For Work This Summer


If you have planted fields with crops for fall harvests, there is a lot of work that will need to be done with your tractor from spring through summer. Therefore, you are going to need to do oil changes and maintenance to get your tractor ready for the work that needs to be done. The following step-by-step guide will walk you through changing the oil, filters, and other maintenance that needs to be done before you start working the fields:

22 April 2020

Four Things To Be Aware Of When You Buy A Poly Pipe Trailer For The First Time


If you're looking to purchase a poly pipe trailer for the first time, you need to first look at what your requirements are. There are many possibilities on the market, and you don't want to end up with a trailer that is too large for your application or too small. The following are a few important specifications to look at. Do you need a horizontal or vertical trailer For heavier coils, you may want a vertical style trailer, but you need to pay attention to the overall height.

4 December 2019

Five Benefits Of Using Automatic Feeders For Large Livestock


One thing you can do to make your livestock feeding regime more convenient and efficient is to invest in large animal automatic feeders. If you keep large livestock animals like cattle or horses at your agricultural facility, you should learn about the many advantages that automatic feeders offer. The following are five benefits of using automatic feeders for large livestock: Livestock health benefits from a consistent feed schedule. With automatic feeders, you can make sure that your livestock are fed on a regular schedule.

25 July 2019