Laying Sod In Your Backyard


Sod installation in your garden is a job that you may find yourself having to do in order to maintain the appearance of your home. Additionally, if you have recently acquired a new property then you may want to install new sod to improve the value of the home. The installation process can take some time but it is an easy job and you'll save some money by completing the job yourself.

4 February 2016

Stay Safe When Using A Generator


A portable generator is a handy tool if you need a power supply in a remote location, or to act as a backup in case of a general power outage. But it's also very powerful machine, so it's important to follow safety protocols to the letter when it's in use. Additionally, a generator must be properly maintained and, if necessary, repaired, to keep it running efficiently and safely. Respect the Electricity

9 April 2015